Truth is the next frontier.

Most of the world's population—the general public—has been left out of contact with extraterrestrial life, knowledge of off-planet minerals and resources, modes of intergalactic travel, advanced technologies that could eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels, known physics to bend light and time, the viral nature of thought power and consciousness, and even the science of psychic powers to remote view faraway places and events.


The knowledge has been kept in secret circles and used for control and ultimate power, all the while the people have been kept fast asleep. Yet, not for long.


Extreme information hunter Rex Bear and founder of viralenology Penelope Jean Hayes bring a fun contrast of approaches as they explore alternative theories in cosmology and space and time travel, secret abilities of the human consciousness, the current presence on Earth of extraterrestrial life, clandestine government programs, and other little-known truths and events of global importance.


With a mission to awaken the truth, this deep-thought adventure reveals a variety of timely new mysteries plus some longstanding historical curiosities. Hosts Rex Bear and Penelope Jean Hayes take exploration much further than the interview, studio, or lab; they show up on scene in the Mobile Command Centre—a formidable RV with all the best tech-fixins’.


Buckle up; it might get bumpy!