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Penelope Jean Hayes is a viralenologist and the founder of the Viral Energy Institute for the study of contagious energy and its effects on planetary wellness, interpersonal relationships, and individual success and happiness. Her background includes 5 years on-camera hosting for an ABC News affiliate, and vast experience as an expert media guest including for national shows like Dr. Phil. As a journalist, she has written for HuffPost and Face The Current.


In January of 2021, Penelope began a very unusual education in what the U.S. government knows regarding the existence of aliens, their communication and psychic powers, advanced power generation, space travel, and more. Penelope aims to share with the public what she has learned, what ETs know about our future, and what it all has to do with our planet and our survival.

Now—with information that people have died for—Penelope called-in her friend Rex to team up on a mission to expose some of the most consequential truths kept hidden from public knowledge.




Rex Bear is the host of the popular alternative information webcast Leak Project, where he leaks information about little-known alien contacts, ancient mysteries, and conspiracies of all kinds. He has conducted thousands of interviews with guests to his YouTube program that range in topic from fringe to mainstream and include NASA insiders, astrologers, UFO witnesses and alien abductees, authors, experts in many fields.


Rex has amassed an audience of nearly a half million viewers as he digs into highly guarded information that has been suppressed for years and puts it in the hands of the average Joe and Jane. 


Throughout his life, he has been exposed to anomalous events and has surrounded himself with people who have also experienced bizarre and unusual happenings. He brings levity to serious issues and he has a curiosity and excitement for all things conspiratorial and out-of-this-world.

Are Rex and Penelope the real-life Mulder and Scully? Close. While aliens are indeed one of Rex and Penelope’s favorite and much-debated topics to explore, they look deeply at all forms of awakening consciousness. To typecast our hosts through the lens of The X-Files, we know that Dana Scully was a skeptic and Fox Mulder was a believer, yet today we have proof positive of alien existence—even confirmation from the U.S. Military. Believing or not believing is no longer the line of delineating opposites. “Are they real?” is not the question as much as “What are they and what do they want?”


A fascinating dichotomy of approaches, personalities, and lifestyles make this series must-watch TV. Yet, it’s not all polarity; our hosts have more in common than first appearances reveal, and their chemistry is magnetic. While they often disagree on the “what” and “why” of anomalous things, they strongly agree on the need to raise consciousness globally as being the answer to many of the world’s problems and turmoil. They share a passion for all things extraterrestrial and cosmological and in learning about the innate abilities of creatures from this world and beyond. Their rapport is fun and light, and yet, both are wholehearted and serious about their work. Both love animals and the natural environments in which they live and beyond. Both love humor and silliness in their private lives. Both are outgoing, majorly committed, and ready to get dirty if need be. Both are on a mission to light up the dark corners and change the world for the better. 


These are not your Old School docu hosts; Rex and Penelope introduce a new breed of documentary personality that’s approachable and leaves the audience believing that they, too, can make a difference in the world.

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